Jon Jones Height and Weight

What is Jon Jones Height and Weight? The American professional mixed martial artist stands tall at 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) and weighs 113 kg (248 lbs). Aside from Jon Jones height and weight, we will also look at his biography, including his age, career, net worth, parents, siblings, wife, and children.

Jon Jones Biography

Here is a brief biography of the American professional mixed martial artist currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where he is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones.

  • Full Name: Jonathan Dwight Jones
  • Date of Birth: July 19, 1987
  • Age (as of 2023): 36


Jon Jones attended Union-Endicott High School in New York, where he began to showcase his athletic prowess. While there isn’t extensive public information available about his college or higher education, it’s known that he did not attend college.

Jones decided to pursue a career in mixed martial arts early on, and his talent quickly became evident in the professional arena. His choice to forgo traditional higher education in favor of a career in MMA turned out to be a successful one, as he went on to become one of the most dominant and accomplished fighters in the history of the sport.

It’s not uncommon for individuals in the world of professional sports, especially combat sports like MMA, to enter the field without a college degree. Many athletes in these disciplines focus on their training and competition from a young age, dedicating their time and energy to honing their skills and achieving success in their chosen sport.

Jon Jones Career

Jon Jones’ career in mixed martial arts (MMA) is marked by numerous accomplishments, records, and controversies. Here’s a more detailed overview of key aspects of his career:

1. Early Career: Jon Jones made his professional MMA debut in April 2008. His early performances, characterized by his unorthodox striking style and exceptional wrestling skills, quickly caught the attention of the MMA community.

2. UFC Debut and Rise to Prominence: Jones signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2008 and made his debut against Andre Gusmão in August 2008. His athleticism and versatility were evident from the start, leading to a series of impressive victories.

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3. Light Heavyweight Championship: In March 2011, Jones faced Maurício “Shogun” Rua for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Jones dominated the fight and became the youngest UFC champion in history at the age of 23. This victory marked the beginning of a record-setting championship reign.

4. Title Defenses and Dominance: Jones successfully defended his light heavyweight title multiple times against top contenders, showcasing his striking, grappling, and overall MMA skills. His unique fighting style, incorporating elbows and unorthodox striking techniques, made him a challenging opponent.

5. Controversies and Outside-the-Cage Issues: Despite his success in the Octagon, Jones faced various controversies outside the cage, including legal issues and disciplinary actions. These incidents sometimes overshadowed his achievements and led to temporary suspensions and the stripping of titles.

6. Move to Heavyweight Division: Jones vacated his light heavyweight title in 2020 and expressed interest in moving up to the heavyweight division. However, contractual and legal issues delayed his heavyweight debut.

7. UFC Heavyweight Debut: In September 2021, Jones announced a move to the heavyweight division. However, the actual debut was delayed due to contractual disputes and negotiations with the UFC.

8. Legacy and Achievements: Jon Jones is widely regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. His long list of accomplishments includes multiple successful title defenses, victories over elite opponents, and an impressive highlight reel of finishes.

Despite the controversies surrounding his career, Jones’ contributions to the sport of MMA have left an indelible mark, and his legacy continues to be a topic of discussion within the MMA community.

Jon Jones Net Worth

Jon Jones’ net worth is estimated at $3 million which can be attributed to various sources of income such as Fight Earnings, Endorsements and Sponsorships, Business Ventures, Legal and Disciplinary Issues, Pay-Per-View Bonuses, and Contract Negotiations.

Factors Influencing Jon Jones’s Net Worth

  1. Fight Earnings: A significant portion of Jon Jones’s income comes from his purses and bonuses in professional MMA fights. Championship bouts and pay-per-view events contribute substantially to fighters’ earnings.
  2. Endorsements and Sponsorships: Like many successful athletes, Jones has likely secured endorsement deals and sponsorships from various brands. These partnerships can significantly boost an athlete’s income.
  3. Business Ventures: Fighters often invest in businesses or start their own ventures. Any successful business endeavors can contribute to their overall net worth.
  4. Legal and Disciplinary Issues: Jones has faced legal and disciplinary issues throughout his career, which may have financial implications. Fines, legal fees, and lost opportunities can affect an athlete’s net worth.
  5. Pay-Per-View Bonuses: Given Jones’s status as a major draw in the UFC, his involvement in high-profile pay-per-view events can result in substantial bonuses based on the number of buys generated.
  6. Contract Negotiations: Negotiations with the UFC for fight contracts, especially with the potential move to the heavyweight division, can significantly impact Jones’s earnings.
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Jon Jones Parents and Siblings

Jon Jones was born on July 19, 1987, in Rochester, New York, to Arthur Jones Jr. and Camille Jones. Here’s a bit more information about his parents and siblings:


Father – Arthur Jones Jr.: Arthur Jones Jr. is the father of Jon Jones. Not much is publicly known about Arthur Jones Jr.’s personal life, as Jon Jones tends to keep his family life private. However, it’s known that Jon Jones has mentioned his father in interviews, expressing gratitude for the support he received from his family during his career.

Mother – Camille Jones: Camille Jones is Jon Jones’s mother. Similar to Jon’s father, there is limited public information available about Camille Jones, as Jon has chosen to keep details about his family life away from the public eye.


Jon Jones has several siblings, including brothers who have also achieved success in their respective fields. His brothers are:

  1. Arthur Jones III: Arthur Jones III, also known as Art Jones, is a former professional football player. He played as a defensive end in the National Football League (NFL) and had stints with the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts.
  2. Chandler Jones: Chandler Jones, another of Jon’s brothers, is a highly successful NFL player. He is a defensive end and has played for the New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals. Chandler is known for his outstanding performance on the football field.
  3. Arthur Jones: There is another Arthur Jones in the family, adding to the familial legacy of athleticism. Arthur Jones is a mixed martial artist who has competed in various promotions.
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The Jones family’s athletic achievements across different sports highlight their dedication to sports and competition. Despite the public attention on Jon Jones, his family members have also made their marks in their respective athletic endeavors. It’s worth noting that details about Jon Jones’s family are kept relatively private, and the information available is limited.

Jon Jones Wife and Children

Jon Jones is married to Jessie Moses. The couple has been together for many years, and they got married in 2014. Jon and Jessie have known each other since high school, and their relationship has endured the challenges that come with Jones’s high-profile career.

Wife – Jessie Moses

Jessie Moses prefers to keep a low profile, and not much personal information is publicly available about her. She has supported Jon Jones throughout his MMA career, both during his rise to fame and through the challenges he has faced. Despite her husband’s public persona, Jessie has maintained a private life, and the couple generally keeps details about their relationship away from the media.


Jon Jones and Jessie Moses have several children together, although specific details about the number and names of their children are not always disclosed publicly. Jones occasionally shares glimpses of his family life on social media, showing his role as a father and the importance of family to him.

Despite the controversies that have surrounded Jon Jones’s career, he often emphasizes the significance of his family and the support he receives from them. Family photos and moments are occasionally shared on social media, offering fans a glimpse into the more personal aspects of Jon Jones’s life.

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