Iggy Azalea Height and Weight

What is Iggy Azalea Height and Weight? The Australian rapper, songwriter, and model stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m) and weighs 68 kg (150 lbs). Aside from Iggy Azalea height and weight, we will also look at the biography of the rapper, including her age, early life, education, career, net worth, parents, siblings, husband, and children.


Iggy Azalea, who was born on June 7, 1990, at Ryde Hospital in Sydney, Australia, is 33 years old as of 2023. She celebrates her birthday on the 7th of June every year.

Early Life and Education

Azalea dropped out of high school to fulfill her dream to make the move into America. She worked hard and made money by cleaning hotel rooms and holiday houses along with her mom. She says she hated school, and apart from art classes, caused her to be miserable. She also claimed that she didn’t have friends and was ridiculed for her unique outfits.

In 2006, Azalea traveled to the United States shortly before she turned 16 years. She told her parents that she was going “on a holiday” with one of her friends, but she eventually decided to stay in the United States and soon after, she informed them that she would never return to her home country: “I was drawn to America because I felt like an outsider in my own country, I was in love with hip hop, and America is the birthplace of that, so I figured the closer I was to the music, the happier I’d be. I was right.”

She remembered, “My mum was crying, saying, ‘Just be safe.’ I was thinking, “I’m going by myself. I’m crazy. !’.” When she first came to the US, she was awarded the General Educational Development (GED) and stayed in the US with a visa exemption for six years. She returned home to Australia at least every 3 months, to renew her visa. Azalea was in the US in a way that was illegal until February 2013, after which she received five years O visa. The name she picked was Iggy in honor of her dog. In the year 2018, Azalea was approved as a permanent U.S. resident.

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Iggy Azalea moved from Australia to the United States in order to pursue a career in music when she was 16 years. She received public recognition following the release of music videos of her songs “Pussy” and “Two Times” on YouTube and both quickly gained popularity. The rapper shortly after her debut mixtape the Ignorant Art in the year 2011, then she later signed a recording deal together with American rapper T.I.’s Grand Hustle label.

Azalea’s debut studio album The New Classic, which was released in 2014 was in the top five on a variety of charts across the globe but was met with mixed reviews from the music industry. The album eventually made it to the top of it the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, which made Azalea the first female rapper to make it to the top of the chart. New Classic was preceded by Azalea’s debut single “Work” and chart-topping single “Fancy” (featuring Charli XCX) which made it to the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Azalea was included as a guest on Ariana Grande’s 2014 hit single “Problem”, which peaked at second place behind “Fancy”. Through these singles, Azalea became the second musical artist (behind the Beatles) Beatles) act to place at the top of the list and number two at the top of the Hot 100 with their debut appearances on the charts. Additionally, she had three top 10 hits simultaneously in the Hot 100 with the aforementioned songs as well as the album’s 5th track, “Black Widow” (featuring Rita Ora), which came out later in the year.

Following her debut album, Azalea issued a number of hits to create anticipation for her intended next album, Digital Distortion. However, a number of disputes with her label and personal issues resulted in the project being canceled. In the end, Azalea switched labels, dropping an EP Survive the Summer in the year 2018 under the label Island Records.

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More disagreements resulted in Azalea being an artist who was independent and then establishing the label she owns, Bad Dreams, through the agreement to distribute with Empire. The sophomore album, In My Defense, was released in 2019 and was followed by a follow-up EP, Wicked Lips, that the same year, as well as the release of her third studio album, The End of an Era in 2021.

The accolades she has received consist of two American Music Awards, three Billboard Music Awards, an MTV Video Music Award, the People’s Choice Award, and four Teen Choice Awards, as well as four Grammy Award nominations. The official channel of Azalea’s YouTube has garnered over 3.4 billion views, and 15 music videos gaining over 100 million viewers on Vevo.

Net Worth

Iggy Azalea has an estimated net worth of $15 million. Her main source of income comes from her career as a rapper, songwriter, and model, including her OnlyFans account. The rapper previously slammed false reports that she had made $300,000 on the first day of her OnlyFans launch.

Parents and Siblings

Iggy Azalea was born to Brendan Kelly and Tanya in Sydney and was raised in Mullumbimby, New South Wales. Her father, Brendan Kelly, was an Irish-Australian comic artist, while her mother, Tanya, cleaned holiday houses and hotels. Azalea resided in a house that her father constructed using mud bricks he made by hand, and was surrounded by 5 hectares (12 acres) of land. She has two brothers named Mathias as well as Emerald Kelly.

Azalea has some Aboriginal Australian ancestry, according to the rapper: “My family came to Australia on the First Fleet. My family’s been in that country for a long time, over 100 years. If your family’s lived in Australia for a long time, everyone has a little bit of [Aboriginal blood]. I know my family does because we have an eye condition that only Aboriginal people have.” Not only that, but Azalea has also said that her dad “made her look at [art] as a teenager”, which has always been a part of her work and life. She started rapping when she was 14.

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Husband Children

Iggy Azalea began to date American rapper A$AP Rocky in late 2011, whom she met via American record producer Chase N. Cashe. The singer confirmed that they were together in an interview in January 2012 on Vibe, and about this time, got the title of Rocky’s breakout mixtape Live. Love. Tattooed with A$AP on her finger.

She said both she and Rocky had tattoos that were dedicated to their relationship, however, the tattoos of Rocky were not apparent. Then, in July 2012, Rocky declared that they were not in a relationship anymore, with Azalea eventually removing her tattoo following several years of having the word “A$AP” crossed out.

Azalea began to develop a romantic relationship in November 2013 with Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Nick Young. Azalea as well as Young was included in the March 2014 issue of GQ magazine. The two live together in Tarzana, California. On the 1st of June 2015, the couple announced that they were engaged.

After a video leaked on the internet showing Young bragging about cheating on Azalea, the singer announced on June 19, 2016, that she and Young had split. She briefly dated Moroccan-American rapper French Montana in 2016. Azalea’s relationship continued as in late 2018, she began dating American rapper Playboi Carti.

In December 2019, the couple reportedly split. However, Azalea announced in June 2020 that she had given birth to a son with Carti. In October, she released a statement saying, “I’m raising my son alone & I’m not in a relationship.” Later in December, Azalea revealed that Carti had cheated on her and missed their son’s birth. He later refused to sign their son’s birth certificate.

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