Shakira Height and Weight

What is Shakira Height and Weight? The Colombian singer and songwriter stands tall at 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m) and weighs 54 kg (119 lbs). Aside from Shakira height and weight, we will also look at the biography of the singer, including her age, career, net worth, parents, siblings, husband, and children.


Born on February 2, 1977, in Barranquilla, Colombia, Shakira is currently 46 years.


At the age of 13, Shakira made her recording debut with Sony Music Colombia. Following the commercial failure of her first two albums, Magia in 1991 and Peligro in the year 1993, the singer whose real or full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, rose to prominence in Hispanic countries with her next albums, Pies Descalzos in 1995 and Dónde Están los Ladrones? in 1998.

She entered the English-language market in the year 2001 with her fifth album, Laundry Service. The album sold over 13 million copies worldwide, propelling her reputation as a leading crossover artist. Shakira was described by Broadcast Music, Inc. as a “pioneer” who extended the global reach of Latino singers.

Her success was further confirmed through the Spanish Albums Fijacion Oral, Vol. 1 in 2005, Sale el Sol in 2010 along with El Dorado in 2017, each of which made it on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart and were certified as diamond (Latin) by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Net Worth

Shakira is one of the most successful female singers worldwide with an estimated net worth of $300 million. With a catalog that includes 145 songs, she has sold more than 85 million album records, making Shakira one of the top-selling musicians ever. She is the highest-selling female Latin artist ever according to Forbes Colombia report as of 2018.

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Parents and Siblings

William Mebarak Chadid and Nidia Ripoll Torrado are the parents of Shakira. She is their only child. She is a Colombian of Lebanese descent. Her father William was born on September 6, 1931, in New York City to a family from Lebanon. His family moved to Colombia when he was just five years.

Her Colombian mother’s side includes two Spanish surnames: Ripoll and Torrado, the former of which is Catalan and is derived from four brothers that immigrated during the 19th century from Catalonia to the coast of Colombia.

The singer who was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools has also claimed to have distant Italian roots through an ancestor with the surname “Pisciotti”.

Shakira has eight older half-siblings from her father’s previous marriage; Ana, Lucy, Patricia, Alberto, Edward, Moises, Tonino, and Robin Mebak. The singer and songwriter spent much of her youth in a city located on the northern Caribbean coast of Colombia, Barranquilla.

Husband and Children

In the year 2000, Shakira started a relationship with Argentine lawyer Antonio de la Rúa. The singer in an interview in 2009 stated that their relationship already worked as a married couple, and as a result, “they don’t need papers for that”.

Shakira and de la Rúa separated in August 2010 after 10 years of being together. The singer described their separation as a mutual decision to take time apart from their romantic relationship.

In 2011, Shakira and Spanish football player Gerard Piqué started a relationship. Piqué and Shakira, who is exactly ten years older than him, met in 2010 after he appeared in the music video for Shakira’s song “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”, the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup which was held in South Africa.

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On January 22, 2013, Shakira gave birth to their first son, Milan, in Barcelona, where the family took residence. On January 29, 2015, the singer gave birth to their second son, Sasha. Shakira and Piqué was listed by Forbes in their list of “World’s Most Powerful Couples”. The couple confirmed in a joint statement in June 2022 that they were separating after being together for 11 years.

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